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GOTO Berlin 2016

GOTO Berlin 2016 Die GOTO Berlin 2016 war eine tolle Konferenz im Vortäge Mein Highlight der Konferenz war der Vortrag “The Impostor Syndrome” (siehe Link, Video). Im Wesehntlichen behandelt der Vortrag das Problem sich selbst fast wie ein Hochstapler zu fühlen - was der ein oder andere sicherlich kennt. Sowohl inhaltlich als auch vom Unterhaltungsfaktor her sehr gelungen. Auf meinem persönlichem Platz zwei liegt der Vortrag “Who do You Trust?

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MongoDB - resizing replica sets

MongoDB replica sets are used to provide redundancy for MongoDB. For the replication of the data MongoDB uses the so called oplog. This oplog is a separate collection within the local database. It is capped, so the collection cannot get bigger than the configured size. This limits the amount of entries that can be stored within the collection. If the collection is full, the oldest entries will be removed. When an application fills the oplog within 35 minutes the replica set will get out of sync after 34 minutes and 59 seconds in case of a disaster event.

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MongoDB - Can we have a backup please?

This talk is about the experiences made by Jörg Müller and Stefan Rudnitzki when they improved their MongoDB backup strategy. The talk presents their current production backup strategy, the decisions they took while building it and outlines the pros and the cons of the approach.