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Nagging factor: macOS X app switcher

08.12.2023 1 min read

Doesn’t automatically fit into the context of coaching, organizational development, leadership, and personal development. Still, I work a lot via several monitors, and most of my appointments now take place digitally. The default behavior of macOS X regarding the app switcher (Command + Tab) has regularly annoyed me recently. This can lead to funny meeting situations, for example, when my face reflects visible “confusion” due to unexpected software behavior.

MacOS X displays the app switcher on the monitor on which the dock was last active or where the mouse is currently located. The combination of an automatically hidden dock and multiple monitors regularly led to the following situation: My mouse and my focus are on one monitor, but the app switcher stubbornly remains on the other monitor - the result: “confusion” because I was expecting something else.

I found a compromise that is acceptable to me, namely to always display the app switcher on all monitors on Enter the following in the terminal:

defaults write appswitcher-all-displays -bool true killall Dock

… done.