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You can only reach people where they are, not where you want them to be.
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What is coaching?

30.03.2021 2 min read
What is coaching? This a question I asked myself for the first time a few years ago and have been asked again and again since the beginning of my coaching education. At the beginning of my coaching education, it was not easy for me to give a short and concrete answer to this question. In one sentence, I would describe coaching today as follows: “Coaching means accompanying another person in working towards a goal of one’s choosing, working in partnership with this person, and thus walking a piece of this person’s life journey together. Continue reading

Why do I work where I work?

13.02.2021 7 min read
In 2010, I worked in a company undergoing some changes. At the same time, I experienced a noticeable departure of colleagues. In this situation, a colleague shared this article from 2009, which describes the connection between small, seemingly terse changes, such as eliminating free soft drinks, and an increased willingness to change employers.

Self-organized salary finding

19.12.2019 4 min read
At one of my former employers, I worked intensively with my colleagues on salary, effectiveness, and contribution to the company’s success as part of self-organization and Holacracy. My colleague at the time, Daniel, and I gave a presentation on this topic at BedCon in September 2018.
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